Projektil 2012

»We'll be right there«

The projectile is launched and flies along its flight path. The designer also follows his course. Assignments are given and solutions are to be found. »We’ll be right there« is the wonderful feeling of being close to the solution. It is also a feeling of a young generation that is in the middle of a breakover and in search for new paths. Maybe you never arrive but you were on your way. Design is a process. Improvement and retrospection are part of this process. And to be honest: Inspiration and quotation are too. »Same, same but different.« So were you already there and because everything already existed there is now no space for new things? Every project is followed by a project. As a designer you work serial but you have to find new answers for every problem. And still you have the feeling as if every answer already exists. Improvement, speed, replacement — test yourself as long as you can. Until the projectile hits the alleged goal.

160 Seiten
14 x 19,5 cm
Juli 2013
Offset + Risodruck
ISBN 978-3-945301-07-4