Le Mile N°17

Fashion & Contemporary Art

LE MILE is convinced that creativity and empathy make victory possible. We all know that the world is full of injustice, prejudice, and ignorance. Are all this mentioned  points the reason of this something  indefinable deep inside us? LE MILE is convinced. Join the path of Mile, a beautiful and innocent young lady. There is this enigmatic and long moment between birth and death. LE MILE tells these arduous experiences she goes through by photographic editorials, contemporary arts & poetic writings. Often art makes us live together. Like in the Factory of Andy Warhol LE MILE is the stage for those who have messages for their surroundings. No economic, religious, or cultural crises can change creativity. Only individuality causes change in personality of a crowd. Come with us as a companion and take some miles through the magazine issues and discover the reality of Mile´s life.


21 Contributors are presented in issue N°17:

Tagen Donovan, Freudenthal & Verhagen, Kári Sverriss, Harling & Darsell, America Martin, John Hoyland, Kenneth Noland, Anthony Caro, Alex Kahan, Charlotte Schreiber, Marie-José Jongerius, Tobias Wirth, Dale Grant, Fleur Bult, Kathrin Makowski, Franziska Brodhun, Dunja Antic, Christoph Musiol, Monika Maslanek, Charl Marais


On the cover: Leslie Sivers


fashion&contemporary art

Publisher und Creative Director: Alban E. Smajli
Editor at Large: Annika Hatje
Creative Editor: Mairanny Batista
Editor: Qamile Smajli, Jana Pijak, Alexandra Stevens, Andreas Huebner, Julia Ahtijainen

168 Seiten
21 x 29 cm
Januar 2016
ISSN 2199-0107

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