Sumi Ink Club

Group drawing project taken together in one book

Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fishbeck. The club produces work cooperatively in open-to-the-public meetings, which can be organized by anyone at any time. Sumi Ink Club uses group drawings to open and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life.

Each physical drawing remains the shared proberty of everyone who contributed to it. All images of drawing made by Sumi Ink Club belong to the Public Domain, and can be freely used in any way by anyone.

The Sumi Ink Club Edition in Weimar was part of a lecture and workshop series organised by Projektil 2014.

68 Seiten
15,8 x 24 cm
Mai 2014
ISBN 978-3-945301-27- 2
Fadenheftung, offener Rücken mit Schutzumschlag


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