Le Mile N°15


le mile is a celebration of new ideas and creations for a generation,thinking differently from past generations. We feature fashion photographers and also show artistic works in visual art, painting, and digital art. We offer a window into the vast realism of fashion, the arts, design & photography. Throughout le mile we stand for authentic photography, a combination in between art and high fashion. le mile wants to open people minds to new borders and horizons in visual arts and create its reader to a forward thinker, who cares about creative culture and the inspiration that it brings.


18 artists are presented//

Ernst Coppejans, Adrian Ghenie, Marco Falcetta, Barrie Hullegie, Kathrin Makowski, Elbio Bonsaglio, Michal Rovner, Craig Wylie, Adam Pendleton, Alban E. Smajli, Jc Cerilla, Lukasz Wolejkowolejszo, Sandra Mika, Andreas Fessler, Arton Sefa, Tobias Wirth, Tomas Servinca, Dunja Antić


Issue n° 15 review//

Adam Pendleton//

black dada bckda


Adam Pendleton brings black dada to MoMA and pace Adam pendleton was born in richmond, virginia and has been included inmany significant exhibitions throughout America and Europe including the Palais de Tokyo’s la triennale, Paris or the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 2012. He grew up in virginia painting in the basement of his family´s house and studying art by Jasper Johns and whomever else he could find on the shelves at the small local bookstore. By the age of 14, Adam Pendleton was reading pieces from his mothers book collection with titles as sophisticated as compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence. >> black dada is a a way to preach about the future while talking about the past. it is our present moment <<

188 Seiten
21 x 29 cm
Juli 2015
ISSN: 2199-0107


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