Forms of Formalism N.2


Forms of Formalism ist eine Plattform die fotografische Arbeiten und schriftliche Beiträge um den Begriff des Forms sammelt. Die zweite Ausgabe enthält Fotoserien von Bert Danckaert, Daniel Everett und Julian Faulhaber sowie Essays von Tiziana Agus, Matina Kouisdi und Laura Zorzi.


»What is formalism? The countless facets of such a notion keep us inquiring into its nature and possible manifestations. One may assume it is about conception or examination through aesthetic composition, whereas shape and structure — overall technical features — prioritise the medium over content and context. However, since the outset, we’ve been arguing and reflecting on what could represent a meaningful compendium of images and texts under the name of formalism. […] In the grey area between form and meaning, we further this inquiry with the hope of collecting and supplying significant points of view.«
(Einleitung von Louis De Belle)

116 Seiten
10 x 15 cm
Juni 2015
ISBN 978-3-945301-24-1

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